Late late late GABF recap part 1

Hey friends- apologies for the delay on this GABF recap. I’m taking the easy way out and just doing a series of photo galleries. We had a great time working the festival, Flat Branch took home 2 medals (Silver for American Hefeweizen and Sweet Stout) and we had several great drinking sessions. We’ll be back to normal in another week or so with many brew days and the launch of our Kickstarter program. Cheers!

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One Response to Late late late GABF recap part 1

  1. Jennifer says:

    I was at the GABF, and wanted to see Strange Brewing–I was a classmate of Tim’s in a Siebel course on Advanced Homebrewing in Durango, summer of ’09. Tim was just formulating his brewery plans then. I chatted with him at a Brewers’ Reception at Wynkoop, but didn’t have the time, or wheels, to get there. Next year!

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