So I was in St. Charles yesterday for the U.S. Foods (our main food supplier at Flat Branch) food show. It was a showcase of their upcoming products and such. Chef and I stayed at the Ameristar Casino. and did a bit of gambling. He didn’t do so well. I, however, managed to make $130 USD on some safe bets. I turned that into a bunch of beer at Friar Tuck’s (google maps link) in O’Fallon. I finally got to taste New Belgium’s Imperial Berliner Weisse, a beer that I had hyped up in my mind after tasting the Bruery’s Hottenroth earlier this year. It didn’t quite live up to the billing that it had received in my head, though it did pair well with turkey burgers and Claussen pickles. The real catch (so far, anyway) has been the Classic Gueuze from Cantillon. For those unfamiliar with gueuze (wikipedia link), it is a blend of 1, 2 and 3 year old lambics (aged sour beers- they taste better than they sound, trust me). Cantillon can do no wrong in my book, and this beer is even better than I remember it from earlier in the year. Behold:

Frakkin' delicious!

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