7-26-10 Mikkeller Yeast Series at Sycamore

Our good friend Sanford Speake, co-owner of the always amazing Sycamore Restaurant was kind enough to obtain all five varieties of Mikkeller Yeast Series beers. The basic build on the grist bill is (I believe) the same one that he used on his Single Hop Series. It is an 8% ABV beer that definitely suits the US Ale yeast the best (as far as style goes). The Pilsner was missing a lot of the DMS that comes from the pilsner malt, the Weizen yeast was allowed to really show off its banana and clove esters, and the Belgian seemed restrained, allowing only certain fruity phenols to come through. The one that stole the show, however, was the Brettanomyces (pronounced “breh-TAN-uh-MY-sees”). I’m not sure which of the majorly available strains were used, though it did have hints of pineapple that are associated with the Claussenii strain. It totally beat the hops and malt into submission. I’ll be looking to track this one down in bottle form to age for a bit.

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