Monday night session

We usually brew on Monday nights as we’re both off. This past week was 10 gallons of a light ale with some flaked wheat to fill in the body. We’ll dry hop it with Citra which gives a tropical fruit kick to the aroma and the flavor. It’s fermenting at 68+ in my kitchen since we have our Oktoberfest in the main fridge. We also gassed a version of our APA that we remade at the request of Dr. Fabulous that is a single hopped beer featuring Columbus hops. The Ode to St. Rogue that Josh wrote is in secondary right now, and next week is Pirate Stout version 4(or 5. I gotta check the notes (Josh sez: “Pirate Stout V.3 actually. Less molasses this time around, as I’m trying to get the F.G. down around 1.020. Also hoping to boost the ABV to 9-10% compared to the previous batches at 8%. Oak aged Imperial Stout, bottle conditioned with molasses. Thinking about pulling a couple gallons off and spiking with some wild yeast to create a “stale” beer. Still toying with that idea though.“)). Cheers till next week!

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